MetLife Blimp

wpid11950-AU0E3004.jpgWe have had the MetLife blimp flying around our area a lot recently.  I don’t know what brought it to us.  It may have been tied to some sports events or perhaps it is just a campaign for brand awareness.  The blimp has been based out of Livermore Airport near us.  Nancy had seen it at night over there lit up when she drove past.

wpid11956-AU0E2663.jpgThen we had it flying one evening.  I had seen it previously just before sunset but I wasn’t ready to get a shot and by the time I was, it had gone.  Shame because the light was great.  Then it showed up at night.  It was pretty dark so I had to really take the ISO up.  My camera has pretty good high ISO capability but nothing like the current generation of bodies.  However, it did a reasonable job.

wpid11952-AU0E3011.jpgNext time I came across the blimp I was up at Sonoma.  I heard an odd noise and thought it might be a helicopter.  However, Skypark does not allow rotorcraft.  Instead it was the blimp shooting a low approach.  They weren’t on the banned list so I guess it was okay!  The climb out was quite dramatic!


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