Jim’s Spartan Experience

I didn’t get to the Spartan Race in time for Jim’s start so he was out on the course when I got there.  I wandered around seeing others making their way around and decided he must have already passed the earlier spots I might see him.  I waited for him to come back in to the main area before heading out again on the second big loop.  I was wondering if I had missed him when he came into view down a hillside.  Rather than distract him, I let him do the next obstacle before I said Hi!

I then saw him do a few more tests before he was off again.  At least now I had a rough idea of where he was and who was on a similar pace.  That made picking him up again a lot easier.  I could then follow him around the final series of tests.  These shots are a bunch of those I got of home as he was in the second half of the race.  He pushed on to the end and finished well.  I was tired watching it all so I bet he was shattered.  However, once he finished, he looked really stoked so I guess the success was rejuvenating.

Excellent effort mate.  Well done and a well deserved addition to the medal collection.  Now to finish off your personal challenge!

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