Hyper Lapse Landing at Phoenix

Hyper lapse is not something I have tried a lot of but I have done a little experimentation.  For those who are expert at it, my description might be a bit simplistic but it is basically a time lapse when the camera doesn’t stay still and the movement through a scene is accelerated.  I had a go at this out of a window of a Southwest flight that was approaching Phoenix.  Keeping the camera still and in the same reference to the aircraft is a little tricky but the nice thing about time lapse shooting is that small movements get blurred out quite quickly.

I liked the idea of the rapid passing of the scenery, the rapidity of the maneuvers and the speedy deployment of the flaps showing up.  I decided to let it run until we were back at the gate.  As my friend Paul said, “Don’t all Southwest flights taxi at that speed?”

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