Crescent Lake

B11I7854.jpgThe drive to the rain forest from Port Angeles took us alongside Crescent Lake.  I suspect I don’t need to tell you roughly what shape the lake is but, if you don’t know, check it out on a map!  It was a pretty overcast morning when we drove by but this provided some soft lighting on the surrounding hills and also gave some interesting clouds to sit in some of the valleys and near the hill tops.

B11I7827.jpgThere were plenty of pull off locations along the road that skirts the south side of the lake.  It appears that the north side is pretty inaccessible by vehicle when looking at the maps of the area.  Only when you get to the west end of the lake do you start to see properties on the other side so I guess the road access up there does not go too far.  The water in the lake was very calm and the whole thing had a very ethereal feel about it.


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