Clouds From Above

wpid7461-AU0E9856.jpgMy frequent flights mean I get to spend some time looking down.  Often when flying across the country, the skies are remarkably clear.  There may be a lot of haze obscuring a clear view to the distance but the amount of cloud is usually not much.  Then, when there is some, it tends to be thick cloud cover below.  No real shape and texture.  Consequently, when I see some cool looking clouds, I get a bit more excited.

wpid7457-IMG_1666.jpgThese are a few of the clouds that I have recently had a chance to shoot as we passed by.  If you are not a cloud person, they are very dull.  If you are, you can spend ages looking at the different shapes and shadows.  I hope you are a cloud person.  If not, maybe my next post will be more up your street.

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