Centurion Freighter


wpid13522-AU0E0213.jpgI was in the vicinity of SeaTac when I saw on Flightaware that a freighter operated by Centurion Cargo was inbound.  This was not an operator I had seen much of and, since I had a few minutes before I was heading to my next appointment, i thought I would try to catch it.  Getting arrivals at SeaTac in the afternoon when they are coming from the north restricts the options for shooting.  however, there was a place I had been before for departures that I thought I would try.

wpid13528-AU0E0175.jpgI got there with a few minutes to spare so was able to get an idea of what was possible with some other arrivals.  The location was not ideal with a lot of trees in the vicinity which, even though it was winter, tended to obscure things a bit.  There was a view through the trees up the approach and then along a road as they passed by.  Neither was very good.  I got a British Airways 777 which gave me a clue as to where the Centurion jet would appear and how much free space there would be.  Not much as it turned out.  However, I did get a brief view which will have to do for now.


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