CAG Growlers

NAS Whidbey Island is the home for all of the Growlers in the fleet.  It is a fair chance that you will get a bit of Growler activity on a visit and we were not disappointed.  What was really pleasing was to see a bunch of the CAG aircraft in action.  The first glimpses were as they taxied out for departure and you could see the planes coming up the taxiway.  Unfortunately, the heat haze was a bit of a problem while they were on the ground.

Naturally, if they were launching, they were likely to be coming back at some point.  Sure enough, we got them come into the overhead and down the approach.  Even when airborne, the heat haze was a bit of a problem.  Better than on the ground but still an issue.  In a time of gray jets, it is certainly welcome to get something a bit more colorful, even if for some of them that is only black and white.

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