777X Prepping for Flight

The 777X will make its first flight before too long.  Indeed, it might happen before this post goes live but we shall see.  It was due to have a roll out at Everett but that was toned down due to the ongoing Max issues.  Instead, it rolled out to the flight line where it has been in prep for first flight.  (We will get low and high speed taxi runs first of course.  I wonder whether I will be able to get up there for the flight or not.). I have seen it parked on the ramp at Boeing’s center.  From across the field, it is visible but subject to a lot of heat haze.  From the other side of the field it is closer but the view is a bit obstructed.  I saw it in the hangar during a previous tour but now it is out and in Boeing house colors.  This is a 777-9 version and the folded wing tips are clear to see.

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