Wintery Suburbs

wpid5349-IMG_1396.jpgComing home to Chicago recently, we were landing just after some snow had blown through the area.  We made a slightly unusual approach to Midway and did some maneuvering pretty low over the suburbs near the airport.  I love this sort of thing since I find the rows of houses really fascinating from above.  I managed to snap a few shots out of the window as we came in.  These were grabbed with the camera on my phone so the control was a little limited but it was better than missing it altogether.

wpid5351-IMG_1400.jpgwpid5353-IMG_1405.jpgSome of the industrial buildings in the area also look cool from the air.  This part of town has a bunch of rail yards and the geometry of them is impressive from above.wpid5355-IMG_1410.jpg



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