Treasure Island

wpid8853-AU0E1042-Edit.jpgThere is a place in San Francisco that I have meant to visit many times but have never been to – until now of course.  That place is Treasure Island.  At the midpoint of the Bay Bridge, it provides a great view of the city.  I nearly went there a while back.  On a Saturday I was coming to the city to visit a friend and made an early start to be at Treasure Island for sunrise.  Unfortunately someone was in a hurry that morning, wrote their car off ahead of me on the interstate and left a bumper in my lane which I hit at some speed.  This delayed my arrival by a few hours while Hertz switched out the car for me.

That is a slight aside.  I finally got there.  This wasn’t a photo trip.  Nancy and I were heading in to the city and I suddenly decided to make a quick detour.  We weren’t there long.  I did take a look at a great Art Deco building that has the look of an old terminal building but which was a Navy building I believe.  The city now uses it and it was closed when we were there but it will be worth a second look.

wpid8851-AU0E1028-Edit.jpgI did take some pictures.  I was shooting into the sun so the look I was going for was more silhouette and highlight but we did have a good view of the sailing boats out at Alcatraz.  This was part of a great sweeping view.  Again, panorama jumped to mind.  As with Twin Peaks, I can only show a small portion of it on screen but it was a nice lookout.  Another location to be added to my list of places to visit at a more appropriate time of day.

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