Top of the Resort

wpid11294-AU0E8473.jpgSki resorts are great places in the summer because they have an available way to the top of the mountains to enjoy the view.   Mammoth Peak was no exception and a trip in the gondola too you via a mid station to the top of the mountain at 11,000′. While people were making the trip, we were outnumbered by the mountain bikers who rode up in the gondola and down on the bikes. Seems like a good idea if you want to focus on the fun part rather than the lung busting part – particularly at that altitude.

wpid11298-AU0E8503.jpgThere was a bit of haze in the air but it was pretty clear so I could see a decent distance in all directions. I imagine the mountains look great when covered in snow but it was still a lovely place to be for a while.

wpid11296-AU0E8497.jpg wpid11292-AU0E8427.jpg

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