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Port Townsend Ferry

The Washington State Ferry from Port Townsend comes into the Keystone Harbor. I figured I would await its arrival.  The shallow harbor means that they have smaller ferries for this route.  They were actually in the process of dredging the harbor at the time of my visit to maintain access for the ferry.  Even though it is a smaller ferry, when you are standing at the water’s edge, it is definitely more imposing.  They turned the ferry pretty quickly since the vehicle traffic didn’t look too heavy.  I think the rougher crossing might have slowed them down so a quick turn helped keep the schedule.

Keystone Harbor

On a day off, I was on Whidbey Island.  I headed down to Keystone Harbor, near Coupeville.  This harbor is next to Fort Casey.   I parked up by the campground and walked along the shore.  There was a decent breeze coming onshore. And the waves were starting to build.  They weren’t too much at this point, though.

There were some old structures along the beach that provided a bit of focus for some shots.  A little more swell would have meant some larger splashes around the concrete but it was still very pretty.  The contrasty skies really made it feel dramatic.