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Putting Together a New Gallery

I was pondering the content of the gallery on my website.  I hadn’t updated it for a long time and thought there were plenty of shots that should be in there that weren’t.  I started compiling a folder of shots for the revised gallery.  I thought I should check the old gallery to see which shots I should carry across and, when I went to open it on the website, it didn’t work.  It turned out the design was not compatible with current browser design!  I have no idea how long it has been out of commission.

I looked at what options there were for alternative gallery designs and was struggling to find one that I liked that did something special.  In the end, when concluding that a simple design was what I was going to end up with, I went with one of the templates within Lightroom.  That made creating and updating the gallery a lot simpler.  The revised gallery is now online at the link at the top of this page or, if you can’t be bothered to click up there, here is the link.


New Gallery Presentation

For those of you that click through the pictures, you may have noticed a change. My blog has a plug-in that opens up the main pictures in a floating window above the normal page. Mistakenly, I had believed that the same thing happened to the pictures in the gallery at the bottom of a post. However, Nancy told me that she was having a hard time with those pictures since they opened in another page and did not always reflect the order in which they appeared in the gallery sometimes jumping to another post entirely.

First of all, my apologies to anyone who was frustrated by this. Second, I have experimented with another plug-in that makes the galleries open in a more useful way. Time will tell whether this works better for everyone but if you have any feedback on how it performs, please comment below so I can make changes based on everyone’s experience. Thanks!

New Gallery

For a while I have been looking at changing the gallery software I use on this site.  The gallery is a relatively fixed part of the site.  New images are included as posts are published but the gallery is relatively unchanging over time.  However, the previous software I had used was based on Flash technology.  A look at the demographics of those visiting the site shows that a significant number are now coming from mobile devices, particularly those running iOS.

Consequently, a large portion of the visitors would get nothing if they tried to see the gallery.  This wasn’t something that I could accept.  I have now introduce a new gallery that runs on html5 as opposed to Flash.  Configuring it took a little work but it seems to be running now.  Therefore, it is now live.  If you click on Gallery above, you should be able to see the new format irrespective of your device.  However, I don’t have the resources to try it on every operating system so please let me know if it doesn’t work on whatever you are looking at.



Gerry Holtz Exhibition

I was recently in Los Angeles and, while there, took the opportunity to catch up with Gerry Holtz.  Gerry is a great guy I met at the Kennedy Space Center when we were both there to witness the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis.  Gerry lives in LA where he runs his own business in the video editing and production business with much of his work being on your TV screens on a regular basis.

However, Gerry is also a photographer and a pretty good one at that!  One of the things that he has been working on in recent years is a form of panorama shooting that creates a 360 degree view in a single square format image.  Gerry has an exhibit running presently at a cafe in Hollywood.  If you are nearby, the details of the venue are below and, without jumping to the end of the story too quickly, I do recommend a visit.

Gerry makes use of some familiar software tools to create the panoramas but the important elements of his work are the ability to visualize how the components of the scene will appear in the finished image and the willingness to do more than just use the basic software tools.  He works on the details of the image – both the elements and their blending and the dynamic range that can be present in a shot covering such a wide area.  The result is a far more time consuming process to create the final image but a result that justifies the effort.

He also has put a lot of effort into the display of the images for this event.  A number of them have been mounted on rotating frames since the image can be viewed from many angles and the rotating frame makes this easier for the viewer to achieve.  A smart idea and one that works very well.

You might have noticed that I normally have a number of images in my posts but this time there are none.  Since this is Gerry’s work, I did not want to reproduce it here.  However, you can certainly take a look at what he does by visiting his Facebook page.  Go to www.facebook.com/gerradaholtzphotography to take a look at examples of Gerry’s work.  I think you will be both impressed and fascinated.  Some of the images can appear very abstract but then you can explore them further to see more of what is there.  Some will be of familiar locations and others you will not have seen before.

I would like to thanks Gerry for taking the time to show me around the exhibit and to wish him well with further displays of the work.  I understand he is considering a book of more of the images and think this would be a great idea.  The exhibit is at 6547 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90038 .  If you are in the area, take a look!