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For a while I have been looking at changing the gallery software I use on this site.  The gallery is a relatively fixed part of the site.  New images are included as posts are published but the gallery is relatively unchanging over time.  However, the previous software I had used was based on Flash technology.  A look at the demographics of those visiting the site shows that a significant number are now coming from mobile devices, particularly those running iOS.

Consequently, a large portion of the visitors would get nothing if they tried to see the gallery.  This wasn’t something that I could accept.  I have now introduce a new gallery that runs on html5 as opposed to Flash.  Configuring it took a little work but it seems to be running now.  Therefore, it is now live.  If you click on Gallery above, you should be able to see the new format irrespective of your device.  However, I don’t have the resources to try it on every operating system so please let me know if it doesn’t work on whatever you are looking at.



2 thoughts on “New Gallery

  1. Ben Kristy

    Rob –

    I don’t know if this is a result of the change in operating system or due to issues on my end with monitor calibration (it has been a while), but I noticed that many of the images were heavily pixelated – they would look great on my iPhone, but on my my computer monitor they simply fell apart – which is a real shame as they are amazing images!

    1. Rob Post author

      Thanks for letting me know Ben. On my computers they show up well so can you let me know what system and browser you are using and I can do some testing. I appreciate you taking a look for me.


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