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Return of the Racers

The races at the rowing meet I covered in this post tend to overlap from what we saw.  The length of the course and the time to complete it is such that the next race was started before the last … Continue reading

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Racing on Montlake Cut

It was purely by coincidence that we happened to be at UW when a rowing meet was taking place.  We had read much about UW rowing in The Boys in the Boat (well worth a read if you have the … Continue reading

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Woodinville Skate Competition 2018

Not far from where we live in Woodinville, there is a skate park.  It is always popular with people hanging out be there skaters, scooter users, BMX riders or just people enjoying the park.  I have been meaning to walk … Continue reading

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Surfing Contest

I will freely admit that I am a lucky guy.  There are plenty of times when I can say that things have worked out well when there was no good reason for them to do so.  One such occurrence was … Continue reading

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I shall be a touch self-congratulatory here and celebrate something good that happened to me.  Rotor Magazine held their annual photo contest and I entered a picture in the category Helicopters at Work.  I am happy to say I won … Continue reading

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Parade of Bands

What we hadn’t bargained on when heading to Pleasanton was that the town’s main street was closed for a parade of high school bands.  Some sort of competition was obviously underway with different stops along the street with judges checking … Continue reading

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Caption Competition

I have been gradually working my way through a bunch of old shots from the days when I didn’t delete anything.  These days such carelessness with storage cannot be tolerated so I am a lot more aggressive about culling out … Continue reading

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