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Cabs are Shrinking

wpid5569-IMG_1451.jpgWhen we arrived in Chicago nearly ten years ago, the cab fleet was almost totally homogenous. If you got in one, it was almost definitely going to be a Crown Vic. Over the years, a few Prius (should that be Prii) started to show up. Now the a Crown Vics are becoming a minority as newer vehicles that are predominantly hybrid take over the fleet. Having slightly smaller vehicles makes a lot of sense given that there are often few occupants. However, as I walked home the other day, I passed the lone of taxis outside the IBM building and the car at the front of the line caught my eye. A Ford Fiesta! Now that really is a shrink!

Hailing a Cab

As we drove along the south side of Maui, we passed through a small settlement.  At the side of the road was an old London cab.  This was of the vintage of Austin built cabs where there was an open space beside the driver where trunks could be stored.  These are a rarity anywhere but to find one so far from London was a surprise.  I guess you can always get a London cab if you need one!