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Mt Diablo Summit

wpid9662-AU0E0964.jpgHaving trekked along the trails on one side of Mt Diablo, we decided to finish the day off by heading to the summit. This time we took a more motorized form of transportation and drove up there. We passed many cyclists heading the same way how all made me feel a bit guilty. I had just finished a hike, though, so didn’t feel quite so bad about my lazy route to the top.

wpid9668-AU0E0980.jpgThe summit has a tower and lookout station which we took a look around. The views were very good, even if the haze was a bit of a problem further away. We aren’t terribly familiar with all of the area yet so we spent some time trying to work out exactly where we were in relation to the places we do know. It is a long drive to the top but worth doing. Soon the Amgen Tour of California will be making the climb too. I suspect they will head up there at a fair old pace!

Point Bonita

wpid9554-C59F3416.jpgMum’s visit meant quite a few trips to places we have scoped out before. We headed to Point Bonita on one day to visit the lighthouse there. This time we knew about the timing so were there in plenty of time. I won’t repeat what I wrote about the place this time so will share the shots from this visit. The one thing that was significantly different this time was that there was a strong swell coming in from the ocean so watching the waves crash up on the shoreline was a lot of fun. I can watch the sea crash ashore for hours at a time so this was great for me!


wpid8254-AU0E8699-Edit.jpgThe Marin Headlands provide a great place to enjoy some lovely coastal scenery.  They were also a militarily significant location for many years.  Protection of the entrance to San Francisco Bay meant that a string of forts were built along the coast here.  The high ground provided an excellent base for large guns to take on an attacking fleet.  Some of these forts were operational while other emplacements were built just in time to be considered obsolete and they were never finished.  Now you can walk through the gun emplacements and imagine what they would have been like when operational.