Some Bay Birds

wpid6121-AU0E9860.jpgShooting down by the Bay in San Francisco always provides lots of bird activity.  This time there was plenty going on including one flock that decided to fly around in front of me just as something interesting was taking off.  However, they also provide a chance to shoot something different while waiting for the planes to move.  I have done this on many occasions including here.

wpid6127-AU0E9944.jpgThis time there was one bird that looked particularly interesting to me.  I have tried looking it up and my book of birds suggests it might be a Western Grebe.  I am not an ornithologist so don’t take this as a fact but it certainly looks like that.  However, some bird species look identical to a non-expert like me so I can’t say for sure.

wpid6124-AU0E9863.jpgWe also had a flock of shore birds swooping around.  They were a mix of different types and I will make no effort to identify them.  However, the business of the group is what attracted my attention. There were also gulls, of course, but they provide good practice for tracking!



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