Shots from the Flightpath Museum

C59F2382.jpgOn the south side of Los Angeles International Airport is the Flightpath Museum.  Charting the history of the airport, it has many artifacts that show how the airport and the airlines that serve it have developed.  It also has a terrace area.  You can’t be out there without someone being aware of you and what you are doing because you have access to a live ramp area but you can get some good views of the operations in the southern runway complex.  Whether it is the arriving aircraft or those taking off, it is a great spot to be to watch what is going on.

C59F2572.jpgThere is plenty to see.  Off to one side is the freight ramp.  You can see some of the freighters loading and unloading before they continue on their way.  The arriving jets land a bit away from you but you have a good view of them as they roll out.  The departing jets get airborne very close to or a little before you.  This provides a different perspective on the aircraft to that you can normally achieve.  No fencing in the way.  Not too much distance.  It is definitely something to check out if you are visiting LAX.

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