Photoshop CC Shake Reduction

While a lot of people have been quite vexed by the introduction of a subscription based approach to the Adobe software suite including Photoshop, I decided to get over it and upgrade to Photoshop CC.  One of the features introduced in CC is Shake Reduction.  This is an effort at dealing with motion blur in images.  It isn’t going to rescue a crappy shot but it is potentially able to to take an almost good shot and rescue it.  I decided to experiment with it on an image I recently took.

wpid7287-C59F2218-Edit-2.jpgThe image above is a combination of the original image without sharpening and the filtered version.  (It is recommended that you turn off sharpening before running the filter or it will make things break up more.)  The effect actually seems to be quite useful.  I should note that I tried it on several shots and they didn’t all respond as well to the filter.  However, it did make quite a good upgrade to this image.  I shall potentially use this again if there is an image I really like that is not quite as sharp as I would like.  Another tool to potentially use but not one I think I can rely on.

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