wpid7927-C59F9072.jpgAnother famous Cotswold village about which I knew nothing is Painswick.  I am beginning to think that I am clueless about my own country!  Even so, I managed to get us there (even if a little GPS assistance was involved).

wpid7925-C59F9071.jpgPainswick is another of those old towns that boomed in a time before industrialization when the local production and access to a river meant it was well suited to commerce.  Apparently the town flourished in more than one area if the local signs are anything to go by but if you want to know the details, Google will be more helpful to you than I.  The town has an interesting selection of old buildings a winding streets but the area that was of most interest to me was around the church.

wpid7917-C59F9021-Edit.jpgAs befits a community that had a lot of cash, they had a big church.  The idea of buying your way into heaven has obviously been around a long time!  While the church is impressive, what really catches the eye is the topiary collection in the churchyard.  There are many yew trees that have been trimmed and shaped together over a long period of time.  The result is many shapes and archways across the paths all formed from the trees.  The town may not be the booming center it once was but it still knows how to take care of itself and these displays really impress.

wpid7923-C59F9058-Edit.jpgThe rest of the town is worth a wander around too and that is what we did for a couple of hours.  If you are in the area, pay it a visit.  Then you will know as much about it as me!


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