Foggy Golden Gate Bridge

wpid8186-AU0E8669.jpgMoving means you don’t always have a lot of time for having fun.  However, when your move includes a time when you are in limbo between two places and staying in temporary accommodation, you actually have more time than you think.  Sitting around in a hotel room can get old pretty quickly so scheduling some exploration makes a lot more sense.  One place that a colleague had mentioned was out on the Marin headlands.  There are a number of areas out there that caught my interest including one that wasn’t open on this day so will be the subject of a return trip and a future blog post I hope.

wpid8196-AU0E8706.jpgWe had plenty to look forward to and the forecast was promising so off we headed.  Of course, we hadn’t counted on the fickle Bay Area weather.  Leaving the East Bay in glorious sunshine, we got to the Bay Bridge and drove into a wall of fog.  I had chosen this route as I had yet to travel over the new bridge having seen it under construction for a number of years.  This time I did get to drive over it but I didn’t get to see it!  Oh well, on through the city of San Francisco towards the Golden Gate Bridge and straight back into the fog.

wpid8190-AU0E8710.jpgAgain we drove over a bridge we couldn’t see.  Then we turned out onto the Marin headlands.  The drive up the coast took us out of the fog and into glorious sunshine.  Looking back at the city and the bridge, it was a different story.  Below us was a thick bank of fog.  It also lay over some of the parts we intended to explore.  As it happened, we explored some parts and saved others for another day.  The fog didn’t thin while we were there.  If anything, it got worse while we were there.  Now we have a reason to go back – if we can forecast the weather better than we did this time!


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