McHenry House

wpid11051-AU0E6970.jpgA day of exploring took us on a trip to Modesto. Neither of us had been there before and we didn’t have any particular goal. However, one book we had suggested a look at the McHenry House. This is a Victorian era home that is kept in excellent condition and is available for tours. We were just passing by so decided to forego the interior tour. I tend to like to look at the exteriors of buildings rather than the interiors so this was not a problem for me.

wpid11053-AU0E6976-Edit.jpgThe house is on a reasonably busy street but Sunday was not a particularly busy day in this part of Modesto so we could park easily and have a wander around.   The house and the garden beside it are very tranquil unless you come across a parent and recalcitrant kid who obviously was not appreciating the building tour. Just as well we didn’t go inside!

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