Making the new site work

So, I have finally taken the plunge and moved the old version of the website offline and transferred to the new version.  I immediately notice that my two trial posts when the site was in beta seem to be in reverse order.  I have no idea why that might be so I will keep on posting and see whether everything shows up in the right place eventually.

The photo life has been a tad restricted recently.  Other work commitments have had me on the road and basically without a camera for a while so I have been plotting my next ideas.  One good opportunity was, of course, the moon coming so close to the earth.  Saturday was a lovely day here in Chicago so I was hopeful of some good shots.  However, when I made my way out to the planetarium (and I was not alone out there!!), the cloud cover drifted in.  It started out on the horizon but with clear sky above.  Patience my young Padawan.  Of course, as the moon rose, the clouds spread out and covered the sky.  Lots of disappointed people went home.

I actually tried the next night but the result was just as bad.  Ho hum!  The results you see here are not impressive although given the low light and the shutter speeds, they could have been worse, I assure you!

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