Italian Day for the Cars

I’m heading back into the summer for an event that I have taken some specific topics from but for which the larger event has not yet been the subject of a post.  We are back in Redmond for Exotics@RTC again and, specifically, for the Italian Day.  This is always a popular day as it means quite the selection of the more spectacular examples of the Italian car industry.

I will always like to see some rare cars, even if I am not a connoisseur and I certainly am not able to identify which ones are particularly special.  However, I am more than able to decide which ones I like the look of.  Of course, when they are given pride of place at the center of the event, I am not going to fail to understand that there may be some significance to them!

Obviously, the sportier cars are very common at this event but there are others there too which are unusual and Italian.  Some of these are the sort of car I might have seen a lot of as a kid in the 70s and 80s when they were just a usual vehicle in the UK – Italian brands were sold extensively in the UK, even if their design for warm Italian climate meant they dissolved in a UK winter!  Here is a selection of some of the lovely vehicles that were in display for this year’s Italian Day.

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