Indianapolis Fireworks

wpid7181-AU0E4673.jpgWe took a trip to Indiana which was primarily based around the visit to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center as I shall be posting about here at some point.  While the center is near Terre Haute, we decided to stay in Indianapolis.  We have been to Indy before and had a great time as well as staying at a nice hotel.  That trip got a write up here if you are interested.  This time it was the 4th of July and the city was due to have a firework display so we thought that might be a good add on to the trip.

wpid7177-AU0E4569.jpgOriginally, we had looked up the park where we could view the fireworks.  There were supposed to be a number of things going on in the park and it was not a long walk from the hotel so we had figured on taking some chairs and heading there.  However, the weather forecast was looking a little like a storm might roll in.  This made us wonder whether a change in plans might be in order.

wpid7175-AU0E4567.jpgOur decision was made easier when we checked in and found we had a 32nd floor room overlooking the downtown.  Now we could watch the fireworks from the comfort of our hotel room and, if it rained, we would be fine.  As it happened, it didn’t rain.  However, our choice proved to have an additional benefit.  Not only did we see the main display, there were many displays happening all around the city.  From our vantage point, we could see them all.  We sat by the window and watched fireworks close by and far off but going off all evening.  It was great.  I did shoot the fireworks but my approach is always to fire a cable release while just watching the display.  Consequently, I primarily get to enjoy the display but also, hopefully, get some shots at the same time. wpid7179-AU0E4594.jpg

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