Blackhawks Affect Chicago at Night

wpid7162-AU0E3990-Edit.jpgNight photography around the city is something I always enjoy.  You will have seen examples of it here and here and here and probably a bunch of other posts too.  This time I wanted to get out because the Chicago Blackhawks were in the final of the Stanley Cup.  Whenever something big is happening, the buildings near Grant Park can be relied upon to make messages using the lights in their windows.

wpid7169-AU0E4044.jpgThis was no exception.  Messages exhorting the ‘Hawks to win the cup were on display and made what is already a cool skyline, a little more interesting.  Of course, the result was success as the ‘Hawks went on to win the cup.  I think the lights were updated to reflect that but a variety of circumstances meant I didn’t get a chance to get back out and shoot the updated view.  However, this will give you a bit of a feel for what they looked like.

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