Index Sits Below the Mountains

The route across the Cascades via Stevens Pass takes you right past a small town called Index.  It is tucked in amongst the mountains and alongside the river so it is no shock to find it is a popular space for outdoor activities.  The mountains provide plenty of climbing options including Index Wall.  The river is good for rafting and kayaking.

The mountains around the town are the thing you can’t help but notice.  There is an old hotel in the center which, judging by the signage on the outside, is targeting the outdoor adventurers.  It has been there since the late 1800s so I imagine it has changed its clientele over the years.  The railroad also runs through the town so I suspect it once used to have more railroad business.

The river was flowing well but not too high when we were there.  It has some pretty substantial rocks in the river bed so the water must flow with some force – I suspect during the spring when the melt is coming off the mountains in volume.  The bridge into the town across the river is a modern construction and is worthy of its own post so don’t be surprised when that shows up.

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