Historic Hull In A Bad Way

As I was driving around the waterfront in Everett, I came to an open sided shed with a decaying ship hull under the cover.  It was a ship called Equator.  It was a hull that had been rescued after being used as part of the breakwater at Everett.  Even after being saved, it sat outside for a long time gradually weakening.  Eventually, funding was found to put a structure over the hull.  However, it was already in a pretty bad way and the stern collapsed.  It’s not clear what is going to happen to it at this point.

The structure is open on the sides which would be good for getting photos but the fencing is a bit of a problem.  A bit of reaching up and using Live View to try and get some shots was required.  Getting far enough back to get the hull in frame was problematic.  At the stern end, there is a small wall for storage of some sand and it was possible to stand on top of the wall to get a few more angles.  Not an easy one to shoot though.

1 thought on “Historic Hull In A Bad Way

  1. Nena

    I’d really like to know what happened to that hull. There was a lot of interesting history in that ravaged wood.
    For years I used to visit it from time to time, my dog and I stopping to say hello, and sometimes bringing friends.
    I wish I’d been able to say goodbye.


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