Fearless Deer

I have seen deer in the grounds at Fort Casey before.  When I was there recently, they were feeding on the grass near the gun emplacements.  At first, I was disappointed because they were in the shadow of the emplacements as the sun got lower.  This made for shots that were just not as interesting.  Then, they gradually made their way out into the sun and the shots got a lot better.

What amazed me was how they really didn’t seem to give a crap about the humans wandering around near them.  I was trying to get into a position where I could get a good shot but was moving very cautiously to achieve this.  Then a bunch of people would walk by on the trail and the deer might look up briefly but would then return to munching.  I imagine that they see people so often and are never threatened by them so are not worried at all.  I could probably have walked a lot closer to them without them flinching!

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