Another Jetstar Moment

A long time back (not that long if you think in geological terms), I wrote this piece about hunting down a Jetstar.  I won’t bore you with the details in case you read about it the first time.  If you didn’t and want to know, click on that link and you can find out more.  Anyway, I still get updates when any Jetstars are flying in the US so I know if they are coming close.  Normally, if they happen to be near me, the chances are that I am either already doing something or the weather is crappy (or both).

Recently, I got a morning email about a departure of the same jet as before from Midway.  I was free and the weather looked good.  Moreover, I still had time to get ready and get down to Midway before it was due off.  I decided to give it a go.  I needed to find a new location to shoot from so tried a couple of spots when I got there by checking out some of the other departures before settling on a location.  Next time I might try a different lens but the result overall wasn’t too bad.

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