When Paddling Out is Too Difficult

C59F0440-Edit-V2 Surfing off the headland at Santa Cruz involves getting into the water a distance away and then paddling across.  If that seems like too much hard work, you can climb the fence and walk out onto the headland with your board before jumping off the cliff.  We saw a couple of guys doing that while we were there.  There was little hesitation so I guess they had done this before.

They weren’t alone!  I saw one guy jump off quite a high area.  He was followed by a friend of his and I was ready when she jumped.  A burst of shots means I can animate the jumps!  I did two versions of this.  One that doesn’t move the background and results in some white space moving around.  The other tracks the subject.  Not sure which I prefer.C59F0243-EditC59F0243-Edit-V2

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