Tranquil Park Space in a Busy City

Cities are bustling places but old cities tend to have an advantage over newer ones and that is decent park spaces.  When modern cities develop, all the land is valuable and there is a problem with preserving space.  Older cities dealt with the preservation of space a long time ago and Tokyo is no exception.  I got off the train at Shibuya and was walking up to Shinjuku.  I went past some of the buildings from the ’64 Olympics and in to Yoyogi Park.  On a Sunday morning, it was a really pleasant place to be.

In common with most of my trip, even first thing in the morning it was very hot and humid.  Being close to the ponds and fountains provided a bit of relief although only a bit.  Walking through the trees at least kept me out of the sun and that was a welcome break from the warmth.  There were trails around the park that were getting plenty of use, some of the open spaces were being used for exercises by groups and individuals and some people were just sleeping.

I had hoped to walk all the way through the park up to Shinjuku but the area where the National Olympic Youth Center and the Meiji Jingu Shrine were meant the top area was blocked off the way I went so I had to divert out on to the street to continue my trek.

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