Trains Along the Bayshore

Having had a post with a train in it, I was reminded that I had actually photographed some trains a while back and they had never made it on to the blog.  It was actually a work related reason I was out there.  I was waiting for the delivery of a pair of our locos (a delivery that was o late it was after the light had gone) but, since we often need imagery for proposals, I thought it would be good to get some new shots.

The location is up in Pinole.  The trains are running along the shore of the bay so it provides a quite photogenic location.  A number of Amtrak California trains came through.  Since these trains are part of my work, I found myself checking out what was in each train and what condition it was in.  I guess I have been doing this for too long!  Anyway, here are some train pictures.

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