These Things Are Tiny!

wpid5455-AU0E4768.jpgI shouldn’t be so old that I find some of the technological developments amazing but every once in a while you see something that impresses you.  I have been shooting with cameras that use compact flash cards for a long time now.  The form factor hasn’t changed in all of that time.  The SD card was seen as the way ahead but somehow the Compact Flash has always remained ahead of it.  The XQD card now seems to be the next step but we will save that for another day.

My cameras have a compact flash and an SD slot.  I have SD cards in them as backups if I suddenly need a little extra capacity but they aren’t used much.  The Compact Flash has always been faster to write to.  I do use them in my GoPro.  Recently B&H had a special on cards and, since I am about to buy a new GoPro and it uses the micro SD card, I took the opportunity to pick one up cheaply.  These things are small.

In the above picture you see a Compact Flash (16GB) and the adapter for the micro SD to fit in a standard SD slot.  Then you see the micro SD in the middle.  It is a 32GB card.  Am I the only one who thinks that thing is tiny?

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