The Blog Has a Birthday

The other day I was thinking about a few things related to this blog when it occurred to me that I must be getting close the the first anniversary of the blog starting.  I had been posting about things that I had done the previous year and hadn’t been blogged about before so knew it was still in the first year but figured it must be getting close.

A quick look back through the complete listing of posts showed me that the first posting went up on March 14th 2011 – a year ago today!  So, happy birthday to the blog.  (Sad to say, I haven’t bought it a present…)

So, what has the first year taught me?  Well, I have been able to consistently put new information up on the blog.  I seriously wondered how well I would do at finding new things all of the time and not having gaping holes in the timeline.   A little figuring out of things in advance along with keeping some of the more complex topics in manageable chunks has certainly helped.  It has been easy enough to drop time sensitive stuff in when necessary but it isn’t a problem to space out postings when required.  Anyone who was there might wonder about the timing but I doubt many other people notice.

It has also helped me to think about the way I write stuff.  The work I have been doing for other outlets always helps but the format of the blog has tempted me to think about other writing outlets.  Nothing to report on that at the moment but, as things develop, you know where the first information will become available!

Thanks for reading.  I know how many people visit the blog and I am glad that it has an interest for some people out there.   It certainly does for me and I am glad that some want to share in that too.  Cheers!

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