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Parliament In The Morning

The day after we arrived in Town, I headed out on my own for a while.  Before I hopped on the tube to go east, the sun was up and illuminating the Houses of Parliament rather nicely so I strolled along the South Bank and across Westminster Bridge to get some shots of the newly refurbished clock tower before heading off.  It was very busy with tourists but it was great to see everything looking so nice on a sunny morning.  (Besides, while I may have considered this area my manor, I am just a tourist too at this point.)


C59F0411.jpgThe hotel we used when we were in London was located just across the river from the Houses of Parliament. This gothic structure is instantly recognizable to many. I have been inside on a few occasions for events and the interior is as impressive as the exterior. It also varies in age with some parts much older than others such as Westminster Hall. On this trip we weren’t paying the place a visit and for most of the time there, didn’t really see much of it other than in the distance.

C59F0524.jpgOn the final morning, I took a wander around to get some shots of things before we left on the next leg of our trip and I realized I had neglected to photograph Parliament itself. The morning light is better for getting shots on the river side so this was a good time. Combine it with Westminster Bridge in the foreground and there is something to work with. I actually prefer shooting it at night. The lighting on the bridge and the buildings is pretty neat. However, that opportunity had passed so this would have to do.