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Parliament In The Morning

The day after we arrived in Town, I headed out on my own for a while.  Before I hopped on the tube to go east, the sun was up and illuminating the Houses of Parliament rather nicely so I strolled along the South Bank and across Westminster Bridge to get some shots of the newly refurbished clock tower before heading off.  It was very busy with tourists but it was great to see everything looking so nice on a sunny morning.  (Besides, while I may have considered this area my manor, I am just a tourist too at this point.)

Evening Stroll Around Westminster

When we first got to London on our vacation, it was later in the afternoon.  We got checked in to the hotel and dropped off our luggage before heading out for a stroll.  We weren’t going too far and just restricted ourselves to the area around Westminster Bridge and up to Hungerford Bridge.  There were so many people around, even walking across the bridges was something that required constant attention.  Everyone was taking photos and not really paying attention to anything around them.

Since the sun was in the west, the main face of Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament from Parliament Square were better lit as was the London Eye from across the river.  I was only carrying my phone with me so was grabbing the occasional shot rather than focusing on the photography but it was nice to be back in Town and having a look around.  It did feel awkward being a tourist when I have spent so much time there scorning the tourists but so be it!