Snowy Mountains

wpid5573-AU0E5534.jpgOne thing I don’t seem to give up on is the hope of getting a good shot out of the window of an airliner.  My experience has been that it is hard to do.  The quality of the windows is not great and the distance is sufficiently far that haze and other issues can result in something that just looks a bit washed out.  Post processing to try and overcome that has limited results.  Translating what you see into an image on the screen is rather tricky.

wpid5575-AU0E5535.jpgHowever, I don’t give up.  Even if the shots are not the greatest, they do show a view that you don’t normally get and are worth having just for that recollection.  Snowy mountains, however, do seem to translate better.  Maybe it is because you are slightly closer to the peaks or maybe it is because they are almost a gray-scale anyway that color shifts are not a problem but they seem to reproduce better.  I was flying across the Cascades recently and grabbed these shots as we went.


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