Refuge on Your Own Island

There is an island out in Puget Sound which was once identified for development.  Plots of land were sold to investors and the idea was for housing to be built.  However, the whole thing fell apart.  The reason for it not working out may have been related to the lack of a water supply or that the island is being eroded away and won’t last too long.  Whatever the reasoning, the whole plan was shelved.  However, one of the investors did not want to give up.  He insisted on staying and legal proceedings ensued.  He eventually won and now he lives on the island alone.  His house sits up on the bluffs overlooking the water and it looks like quite a pleasant spot.  A lonely spot I suspect but still pleasant.  He has decorated the plot with some interesting things including a stormtrooper from Star Wars.  He was out working on his land as we passed by.

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