Parliament From the Outside By Day and Night

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and so is home of the provincial legislative assembly. The building has all of the style and grandeur of a building of its era and it looks pretty impressive. Getting shots of it during the day was a bit problematic. The conditions were pretty overcast most of the time we were there and a grey stone building on a cloudy day lacks pop. Add to that a problem created by some building work meaning brightly colored fencing and equipment was in position for some of the better angles and things were a challenge.

Once the sun went down, though, things took a different turn. The building has an extensive collection of lights arrayed across it and, as the ambient light dims, the artificial light is ramped up. The lights come on before it is fully dark and they look pretty neat with the remains of the daylight still in play. Once it is fully dark then the view becomes a bit simpler with no depth to the structure to see but with that many lights, it is now just a drama of light. The views from many angles are slightly obscured but I did like the view across the harbor from one of the bridges quite a lot.

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