Up near the near side of Maui is the little town of Paia.  We checked Paia out on our way to get lunch.  There isn’t a huge amount to see in the town – a selection of shops and places to eat as you might expect – but its claim to fame is that it is populated by some of the more out there members of society.

Going there is as much about seeing unusual people as it is about seeing the town itself.  How long this reputation has been in place and whether it is still valid I couldn’t say.  Certainly there were a few people wandering around who looked like they fitted the bill.  There were far more people visiting, though, and maybe they were all there looking for the strange folk.  By coming in such numbers, maybe we are driving away what we came to see.  Despite all of this, we did see a few cool looking places and some signs that the community is not totally conformist!

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