Other O’Hare stuff

The trip to O’Hare for the arrival of the United 787 meant I had a bit of time to shoot some other aircraft while I was there.  I had started out at the arrival end of 28 for the 787 to show up.  When we changed rapidly to 10, I was now on a good side of the field for some of the departures.

Departures at this end can be a good selection.  Some will turn towards you and give a nice topside view.  Others head out straight or turn away so you are always wondering whether this one will be worthwhile.  I wasn’t out for a long time so this was just a chance to see what would come out before heading home.  A 747 freighter is a welcome addition but it, sadly, turned away.  Even so, it still looks cool.  A few gave me a better view.  I grabbed some shots and then headed home.

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