Mono Lake Selfie Guy

wpid11316-AU0E8624.jpgNormally I don’t post pictures of other people unless they know about it. However, this guy is a worthy exception. Our visit to Mono Lake was later in the day and everything was looking particularly cool in the early evening light. There were plenty of photographers enjoying the scenery as well as visiting families. One view looked great and, while a family was in the shot, it looked like they would soon move on. Another photographer had a similar idea and was standing next to me.

There was one other person in the shot. However, he didn’t move off with the family. Instead, he took a couple of selfies. Fair enough. Then he took some more. Okay, no big deal. Then he whipped off his shirt and started taking some more. This was a little more odd. Each time you thought he was done, he would reposition to take more shots of himself sans shirt. We were wondering whether he was ever going to be done.

After a while of waiting for this, I figured he was so keen on himself being photographed, I would oblige. A quick few shots of the master at work seemed a necessary reminder of one of the stranger elements of our visit.

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