Korean War Memorial

The Korean War Memorial opened around the time I lived in DC in the 90s.  I thought it was really cool when I first saw it and I still think it is an impressive monument.  It is particularly good to see in the rain since the outfits the soldiers are wearing in the sculpture are big ponchos and, on a dull and wet day, the image of the guys out on patrol is particularly evocative.

It was sunny this time so the effect wasn’t quite the same but the sculptures are still very impressive.  I had not remembered the water features around the memorial as much as the sculptures so this was a bit of a discovery for me.  The number of visitors was very high so it was hard to get the alone feeling that seems appropriate for the whole place but it is still a very interesting place to visit.

It was not long after Memorial Day when we were there so there were a lot of flowers around the memorial and many personal messages that people had placed.  This always adds a personal feel to any memorial.

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