Incomplete JetStar

AE7I0382.jpgRegular readers will know I am partial to the Lockheed JetStar.  I have previously posted about shooting one at Hayward when it was taking off and another that was at the airport as a source of spare parts.  This spare aircraft has moved from the location I previously saw it and is now out on the ramp near the taxiway.  While out working with the HueyVets guys, I ended up by the airframe waiting to shoot the Huey.

AE7I0378.jpgUp to this point, the airframe looked in good shape.  However, recently, one of the engines was removed so I guess it will progressively become more obvious that this jet is not going to be flying again.  For the time being, though, you can choose an angle to make the missing items no longer apparent.  Then the jet still looks like a great airframe.  I hope it lasts a bit longer and that its sacrifices are enough to keep the other jet airworthy.


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