Last Skiing of the Season

B11I3109.jpgFor the serious skier, nothing should get in the way of your sport – not even a lack of snow.  We were in Squaw Valley at the end of the skiing season.  The weather was lovely and warm with loads of sun.  Shorts and t-shirts were the order of the day for many.  However, in the final days of the skiing season, there was still snow on the higher parts of the mountains.  We took a trip to High peak on the aerial tram and the last two days of skiing were being exploited by the faithful.

B11I3137.jpgPeople rode to the top and then walked across the rock to get to the edge of the snow.  The snow certainly wasn’t looking too great and the gentler slopes required more effort to get moving.  However, you could then get across to other lifts and get higher up on the slopes.  There were a lot of people making use of the few runs and lifts still open.  I guess they will have to wait until the snows return so the last moments must be worth it.  Watching them tromping through the town in their ski gear when others were strolling in warm weather clothes was pretty funny to see.

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