I Went to Woodstock – Well, Not That Woodstock!

We may have lived in Chicago for quite a while now but there are still plenty of places to explore that we haven’t visited.  One of those places is Woodstock IL.  Nancy found out about it from a website on great small towns in the US.  We decided to pay it a visit.  The day was supposed to start out overcast and clear up into a sunny day.  That bit didn’t quite happen to plan but everything else about the town proved to be a success.

It was about an hour from home to get to Woodstock.  The GPS had a location with a parking lot close to the town square programmed in and that worked out to be perfect.  We were a short stroll from the square and a small farmers’ market was underway.  We are always suckers for good food at these markets and so were soon carrying a few bits around.  We wandered around the square looking for somewhere for lunch.  This is always worth doing when there is food for sale because you otherwise end up buying way more food than is a good idea!

The town square is a great spot.  The buildings are a mix of styles but all look pretty impressive and in good condition.  The old style of the place is obviously appealing to movie makers.  Have a viewing of Groundhog Day and you will recognize the town as Woodstock – a long way from Pennsylvania.  It had some other treats but more will come about that in due course.

In one of these shots you will see a crepe restaurant.  We stopped there for lunch and the food was really good.  There were other places around the square that had more traditional fare but this one seemed to have a different approach and we were not disappointed.  This blog has never really been a dining review place but here is one recommendation for you!

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