Hovercraft Reminiscences

Having taken the chance to shoot one of the LCACs while in San Diego the other week, I decided to have a trip down memory lane for some other hovercraft moments. I have some relatively recent shots of the hovercraft that operate between Ryde and Southsea. I also have some old scans of the massive SRN4 Super 4 hovercraft that used to run across the English Channel taken when I was about to make the crossing on vacation. No great explanations to follow. Just some shots if you want a look.

4 thoughts on “Hovercraft Reminiscences

  1. Kevin Fry

    Some great pictures of the SRN4.
    I can think of some people who used to work at GKN who would be interested as the extende the original craft. Would you like me to approach GKN to see what the interest is?

    My father -in -law worked on the SRN4 when it was BHC. I also believe his uncle was the foreman on the assembly side of things.


    1. admin Post author

      The Super 4 shots are not that great really Kev. Taken on a crummy day and the negatives are not in the greatest condition. The smaller web sizing always makes them look better but I doubt they are better than plenty they already have.

      Quite an amazing piece of work aren’t they. If I find myself back over any time, I am going to check out the museum at Lee-on-Solent and see the remainder of the fleet.


  2. Hayman

    Nice stuff, did you have special access for the SRN-4 shots? I rode a hovercraft ferry in Hong Kong back in ’96. Can’t remember the configuration.

    1. Rob Post author

      I was waiting to board so was with the next bunch of passengers. It was quite tight to drive on board!


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