wpid10856-AU0E9860.jpgThe timing of this post is probably unexpected. However, I am deliberately doing this since, if I had posted at the time, it would have looked like a lot of similar material from everyone else.  Why?  Fourth of July fireworks, that’s why.  We spent the weekend up in Sonoma over the weekend of the holiday. Sonoma has a nice town fireworks display. It lasts quite a long time with the whole display running nearly half an hour.  Part of this is by pacing the show.  It is a steady stream of rockets but not too fast.  However, at the end, they suddenly go nuts and fire off everything that is left in a mad fury!

wpid10854-AU0E9854.jpgAs is my usual thing with fireworks, I set up the camera, hold the cable release and then fire away while enjoying the display without looking through the viewfinder at all. I did tweak things once with a change in orientation as a result of the display getting larger than I had expected. However, I shoot almost without thinking about it. Here are some of the nicer shots I got. Nothing of the grand finale since that was so crazy it just turned the images into white expanses in the area of the explosions.

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